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Dear friend,

My name is Shubhamjeet Kumar.

I’m here today because I want to invite you to my FREE MASTERCLASS On Affiliate Marketing.

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This is my framework where I share the 3 principles & 6 steps on how to set up an Affiliate Marketing business.

But before I give you access to my free masterclass, I want to tell you the story about how I created it.

This is NOT something that was created in one day and hoped to work. I spent over 3 years testing and making it perfect for you!

Here is what happened…

3 years ago I watched my first “How to make money online?” video and I assumed it would be as easy as the presenter said.

But what happened next left me in tatters and bewilderment!

I could not earn a single penny for over 8 months and became paranoid of the “Affiliate Marketing Gurus”.


I attended a webinar where I watched the speaker introduce himself and I watched in “awe” as he delivered the presentation, sold his Affiliate product, and saw people rushing to give him money!

I read a case study about Pat Flynn who amassed $315,000 in affiliate revenue from 2015 to 2017 from only one product!

I was awestruck while reading his case study and wondered how could anybody just like you and me, make money just like that…

A few days later, I found out that Siddharth Rajsekar doubled his affiliate income in a matter of 30 days!

I was thrilled to see this kind of achievement and knew I had to learn the skills they had mastered.

I knew if someone who was just like me could take action and make more money in a month than I had made in a year, I needed to learn those skills… At whatever cost!

Maybe I couldn’t make $315,000 in 2 years like Pat Flynn.

Maybe I couldn’t double my affiliate income in 30 days like Siddharth Rajsekar.

But what if those skills helped me make an extra $3150 per year?

What if those skills helped me make an extra $3150 per month?

What if those skills helped me make an extra $3150 per week?

But there was one problem… I had no experience in Affiliate Marketing. I had neither written a single blog nor had I recorded a YouTube video to promote a product.

Moreover, I didn’t even know which product I should be promoting…

Yet, within a few weeks of me going through the aforementioned case studies, I decided to sign up on Amazon Associates to promote products.

I was nervous but sure that I could model what I learned in both the case studies.

Without any training and practice, I assumed it could not be hard. Besides, I felt I had more helpful and better content than the people I learned about, and I could amaze the people with how much I knew.

Then they would be excited to buy my Affiliate products, right?

So, I presented my “Best Material” and then started to calculate how much money I was going to make. I couldn’t wait to find out!

And, then, it happened…

The worst nightmare came true…

I started promoting products in January 2018…

And, then the most embarrassing moment happened…

It was July 2018…

Nobody was excited!
Nobody even cared to click on my affiliate link!
Nobody purchased my Affiliate product!

I waited with a tab on my Amazon Associates account, and then, awkwardly closed the laptop!

Amazon even terminated my Affiliate account as I did not get any sales for 6 months.

I locked my room and hid! I just wanted to hide!

I didn’t get it!

Why would people buy from Pat Flynn and Siddharth Rajsekar, but not me?

I began wondering over and over in my mind…

“Did I miss something?”

“Was the product I promoting horrible?”

“Did I completely miss to make an impact on my audience?”

“Maybe I am not destined to be a successful Affiliate Marketer!”

I thought I did everything that the successful Affiliate Marketers did.

What went wrong?

What do they have that I did not?

Are they blessed to be successful?

Am I born to be broke?

“Well, that’s about it!”, I thought…

I got pumped up, gave it a shot, had a horrible experience…

…and I never wanted to do Affiliate Marketing again!

And, I didn’t… For a while.

But I did start observing other Super Affiliates as they continued to make more per hour than I was making per month.

Eventually the belief that,

“If I could learn the skills, my life would change forever.”

That thought kept reverberating in my ears, I finally came to my senses, and eventually, decided to give it another shot.

I tried the second time… and a third… and a fourth

I kept trying over and over, getting a little bit better each time.

I started to interact with successful Affiliate Marketers and even enrolled in a paid course.

Every Affiliate Marketer I interacted with had a “hit where it hurts the most” piece that they were using to sell, that I wasn’t.

I learned from them and started to model what they were doing.

Every time, I would add the new things that I was learning.

I tried a fifth time… and a sixth… and a seventh
…until I slowly started to understand the secret skills that helped the successful Affiliate Marketers make good money.

Every time, they would promote a product to sell, they would use the “secret skills!”

After watching over 50 Super Affiliates dozens of times, I started to realize and understand the skills…

My Free Masterclass consists of the “secret skills” that I have learned from the Super Affiliates, as well as what I discovered from my own experiences.

So, “If You Can Buy Online, You Can Sell Online!” If you have a product or a service that you know and would like to sell, this webinar is PERFECT for you!

Until last year, I conducted the FREE MASTERCLASS for $77, but today, I wanted to give a very special offer.

I will give you the entire training where you will learn the 6 “secret skills & steps” and 3 principles for absolutely FREE!

Yes, it’s true!

You will get my training with the 6 “secret steps” and 3 principles that helped Pat Flynn make $315,000 and took me 3 years to create…

…for absolutely FREE!

If you master the secret skills, you will have the ability to write your own paycheck for the rest of your life!

It doesn’t matter if you are:

  • A beginner
  • A non-technical person
  • An inexperienced person
  • A student
  • A homemaker
  • A full-time mom
  • A person whose family doesn’t let you work
  • A person with no knowledge about online business

My Free Masterclass will work for you!

How? Because I have created it after observing and analyzing over 50 Super Affiliates.

In fact, it has worked for people in every market and niche who are following the secret steps and principles in their everyday business life!

They use it to sell everything you can dream of, like:

  • Shoes…
  • Books…
  • Supplements...
  • ​Real estate...
  • ​Software...
  • ​Weight Loss...
  • ​Copywriting...
  • ​Investing & Wealth management...
  • ​Skincare...
  • ​​Gym membership…
  • ​Coaching/Consulting...
  • ​​Sports/fitness training...
  • ​Interior Decorating...

and many, many more!

Pat Flynn followed the “secret steps” to make $315,000 in 24 months! That’s $13,125 every month… $3281 every week… and, $438 every day! Selling just one product!

And again, you will get access to the entire training for absolutely FREE!

For some of you, this training will be the difference between success and failure in your business, that’s why I am giving it to you for FREE.

I want to make sure you take advantage of this. For you, I am trying to make this irresistible offer, because when you learn and know the “secret skills”, you can use it to sell anything… anytime…

All you are required to do now is to click the below button, and register.

And, as soon as you register, your seat will be reserved for My Free Masterclass.

Why is this FREE?

Well, there are a few reasons…
  • It’s my way of helping people who are starting out.
  • When I started out, I didn’t have a clear direction about how to approach Affiliate Marketing and online business.
  • I get one of my products in your hands, and when you get value and learn, you are excited to buy other products of mine in the future.
  • I love to show off! I am being honest! I am sick of people flashing numbers and stats without any real proof to back it up! I believe that 99% of what is said on the Internet is absolute crap! So, I thought it would be breath of fresh air to share the actual steps that work.

Time Is Of The Essence…


Because of what you’re getting, I am expecting hundreds of attendees.

Just imagine following the 6 “secret steps” that double or triple your online earnings!

I want you to give this into your hands because I know how this can transform your life forever.

Thanks a lot,
Shubhamjeet Kumar

P.S. Did you skip to the bottom of the page to see what the deal was? 

You can get instant access to My Free Masterclass with the 6 “secret steps” and 3 principles that helped Pat Flynn make $315,000 in 2 years.

The 6 “secret steps” helped Siddharth Rajsekar double his affiliate income in a matter of 30 days!

It took me 3 years to observe and analyse over 50 Super Affiliates and understand and realise these 6 “secret steps”.

And, you can apply the skills to sell anything!

I also show the various resources that can help you get started in as little as 24 hours! However, this is not for businesses that are trying to ‘turn the corner’.

This is for people who are passionate to transform their lives. And the training is absolutely FREE!

Just click the button below right now to get started!

About the Host

I am Shubhamjeet, an Affiliate Marketer and Coach! I started the grind in 2018 and I am on a mission to help 10,000 people to live a life of financial independence.

I conduct 12 training sessions every week and am nurturing a list of 139+ people.

I help people to set up their Affiliate Marketing business and share knowledge to help improve their life.