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In this post, I will share how you can do Affiliate Marketing if you have a full-time job.

This is one of the most commonly asked questions and if you have been thinking about starting Affiliate Marketing, I will share my journey and the points to help you get started.

Can You Legally Do Business & Job Together?

I am not a legal expert, so I will rely on the sources I found on the Internet to answer this question.

In this post by LawRato, an advocate says, “No, a government employee is not allowed to run a private business, neither is he allowed to work anywhere else as a part-time or full-time employee. This is against the government rule and, hence, the person who is found can be charged for breaking the law. “

However, if you are a private company employee, this StartEazy post says, “Yes, it is possible to start a successful business along with a job in India. In fact, it is now easier than ever. A lot of people are already doing it.  Even Expedia (the largest Hotel chain in the world) started in Microsoft’s office. Besides, you have to make sure that you are legally free.”

How Did I Begin?

The idea of starting my business popped up in my mind when I was in a full-time job. I won’t mention the reason, but it enraged me so much that I wanted to get out of it as soon as possible.

After logging out at 6:30 PM, I used to take a 30-minute break. Then, from 7 PM onwards, I would make time to learn. 

If you have a job, please ensure to finish your daily work before doing Affiliate Marketing. Start working on your business only when you have logged out!

If your working hours are 9 AM to 5 PM, work on your business either before 9 AM or after 5 PM.

DO NOT do business during working hours.

Initially, I spent only about an hour and a half every day learning the basics and increased the time when I started to implement.

In my opinion, if you want something badly enough, in this case, starting an Affiliate Marketing business, you will make time.

In my experience, Affiliate Marketing is something that anybody can learn and start – and excel – provided you learn regularly and get trained by a mentor. 

So if you want to learn Affiliate Marketing, start your business, and leave your 9-5 job as soon as possible, the first thing is to learn from a mentor.

I will share the reasons for learning from a mentor below.

I Learned From A Mentor

Method 1 - I Learned From A Mentor

I couldn’t be what I am and couldn’t have achieved what I have if I hadn’t learned from Siddharth Rajsekar!

I owe him big time! 🙏

I learned the absolute basics of an online business from him and those clear, simple, and powerful lessons proved to be the foundation of a robust Affiliate Marketing business.

Apart from following a proven, battle-tested path, you will relish the following things by having a mentor:

Benefit 1: Mentors Want You To Grow

Method 1.1 - Mentors Want You To Grow

Mentors, like your parents, want to see you grow and achieve everything you want!

I have experienced that my mentor wanted my professional and personal development. He says, “Your business will grow to the extent that you grow.”

A mentor will help you set realistic goals and share the steps to achieving them. A mentor will also give you feedback on your work and share practical strategies and steps to overcome your weakness.

As a result, you will build your skills, become a better person, create high-quality content for your audience, and grow your business.

Benefit 2: Mentors Are A Source Of Knowledge

Method 1.2 - Mentors Are A Source Of Knowledge

My mentor shared his experience, resources, tools, etc. that helped me establish my business in a lesser amount of time. What you think you can achieve in 3 months, you can achieve in 2-3 weeks with the help of a mentor.

A mentor offers instructions on how to perform a particular task or develop a particular skill.

Anybody starting their Affiliate Marketing business or a business, in general, can benefit from a mentor’s guidance as they will help you:

Benefit 3: Mentors Offer Encouragement

Method 1.3 - Mentors Offer Encouragement

When you struggle to finish a task or achieve a goal, you can reach out to your mentor for support.

Your mentor will know and understand your struggle as they’ve faced the same when they started. With empathy, they will be able to provide the support and solution you need.

This support or encouragement will motivate you to keep going despite facing challenges.

If you get a mentor who guided you in 1-on-1 sessions, they will be able to identify your strengths and make you realise your ability.

Having a supportive mentor also helps build confidence and you are less likely to give up.

Benefit 4: Mentors Offer Constructive Criticism/Feedback

Method 1.4 - Mentors Offer Constructive Criticism/Feedback

When you work with a mentor, they are able to identify your strengths and weaknesses. This allows them to help you identify your weaknesses and overcome them.

A trustworthy mentor, like your parents, always has your best interests at heart and will play a pivotal role in your success.

A mentor knows when to love you and when to crack the whip! They will share constructive criticism to help you build your skills, learn concepts and strategies, and implement the crucial systems, rather than make you feel bad about yourself.

That’s the difference between a mentor and a boss! 😉

A mentor will always help you overcome your weaknesses and improve.

Benefit 5: Mentors Have Relevant Experience

If you want to learn anything, choose a mentor who has experience in the field relevant to your goals.

For example, if you want to promote products in the health niche, choose a mentor who has achieved considerable success in the health niche.

When your mentor shares their journey, you can use it as a roadmap or an example to strive toward achieving your goals.

A mentor usually shares the mistakes they made along the way and the lessons they learned so you do not go through the pain and the consequences they did. 

These negative experiences can help you prepare for the challenges up ahead so when the challenges do show up, you are ready with the helicopter shot and hit them out of the stadium!

I Developed The Crucial Skills

Method 2 - I Developed The Crucial Skills

After learning the concepts and basics of Affiliate Marketing, it was time for me to begin my journey.

It was time for me to put things into practice. So I started developing all the skills my mentor said were crucial to achieving success in Affiliate Marketing.

With time, I saw myself getting better at the following:

If you’d like to know how you can develop the above skills, you’d love this post!

According to the formal definition, “Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting other people’s products and making commissions if you make sales.”

Many people assume they will generate sales and commissions by spamming their affiliate links everywhere but get demoralised when their “tricks” do not work.

I have studied over 50 Super Affiliates and realised that what differentiates them from ordinary Affiliate Marketers is that they develop the crucial skills needed to succeed.

Once I developed the aforementioned skills, I started to see growth in my bank account. Only after developing these skills,  was I able to make $3,328 in 17 weeks!

And my income hasn’t stopped since!

If you’d like to know how I did it, here’s my case study!

I Worked Every Day

Method 3 - I Worked Every Day

As I said earlier, after logging out at 6:30 PM, I would take a 30-minute break, and start working at 7 PM.

I made the conscious decision to work on building my Affiliate Marketing business every day, no matter what!

Sometimes, I got up an hour earlier to ensure I kept the promise to myself that I was going to get things done!

I believe it’s all about the choices we make and how we manage our time. 

On weekends, I used to start working at 9 AM (or around 9) and did not shut my laptop off until I achieved my weekend goals.

I was bad at everything! Nobody in my family ever did business, so learning the nitty-gritty of business was a huge challenge for me!

But I did not give up!

I believe that if you really want something, you will find a way. I wanted to leave my job, so I worked despite not knowing if I am doing it right!

I was bad! Many, who started after me, saw great results, and I started doubting myself!

Once, in a session, my mentor said, “Do it anyway!”

He added, “You will be horrible today, tomorrow, after a week, after a month. But one day, you will have that aha moment!”

Many people do not start because they are afraid of failure. They want to start perfectly:

  • Create high-converting ads from the word go
  • Generate thousands of visitors the day they launch their websites
  • Have sales pouring in from the first day
  • Generate thousands of leads from day 1
  • etc.

Having such goals is fine, but expecting them from day 1 is unrealistic!

I was committed to working and grinding every day and after 9 months, I earned my first commission!

I got my aha moment!

Now, in hindsight, I feel every pain and every negative experience was worth it!

And, I would love to see you succeed! If you are a beginner, you can enrol in my free Affiliate Mastery Foundation membership, where I will offer:

  • 3 secrets that I follow that helped me earn $3,328 in 17 weeks
  • Free 1-on-1 coaching session with me
  • Free weekly group session to set up the crucial systems

Click this link to enrol and start learning right away!

I Was Kind To Myself

Method 4 - I Was Kind To Myself

This is extremely crucial! When you do not get results, DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP!

You are a human being and it takes time to learn new things. If you are unable to spend 1-2 hours every day, invest 30 minutes.

Slow progress is also progress, isn’t it?

I understand it is extremely difficult to invest 1-2 hours after a full day of work. So don’t be harsh on yourself if you cannot spare 1-2 hours every day.

Even 30 minutes every day is perfect! On days when you have the energy to spend more time, you are free to do so!

When you face challenges, say, “I cannot do it NOW, but with time, I will ace it!”

When you learn a new skill, say, “I cannot do it NOW, it is tough for me NOW, but with time, I will get better!”

During the rough patches, treat yourself like you would treat a loved one. After all, you are a human being, not an AI robot!

I Started Small

Method 5 - I Started Small

Many beginners feel that they need to have thousands of dollars to start an Affiliate Marketing business.

The good news is: It is not true!

If you’d like to know the most common Affiliate Marketing myths, you’d love this post!

To promote a product as an affiliate, you need to generate an affiliate link. Platforms like ClickBank, DigiStore24, etc. let you register and generate affiliate links right away.

After getting your affiliate link, you can start promoting for free on social media – Facebook, Instagram, Instant Messaging apps – WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, emails, and so on.

All the above platforms require zero investment. This is the most exciting advantage of an Affiliate Marketing business.

If you’d like to know the benefits of an Affiliate Marketing business, you can read this post.

Alternatively, you could invest a small amount and run ads on Google and/or Facebook to reach a wider audience.

To run an Affiliate Marketing business, you must have the following systems:

Most of the above tools can be used for free, but a few of them require you to pay and use. I will also add that the cost to purchase them is lesser than the equipment cost in other businesses.

As soon as I started seeing desirable results, I increased my expenditure on the tools, systems, and ads, and multiplied my income.

Once I reached a decent income level, I resigned and, now, I am living a more peaceful and happier life!

Within my community, I will share the steps to launch your Affiliate Marketing business and you will also learn how you can reinvest into your business to increase your income exponentially.

You are the captain of your ship and can set sail in any direction you CHOOSE!

What If You Love Your Job?

I know many Affiliate Marketers who love their 9-5 job and do Affiliate Marketing on the side.

So if you like your job, awesome! You CAN certainly do both!

Since your Affiliate Marketing business will be running 80-90% on autopilot, you can be generating leads and commissions while working at your 9-5 job.

Think of it like getting paid twice! And, believe me, who doesn’t like that? 😉


That’s how I started my Affiliate Marketing business while being in a job and once I started to see desirable results, I resigned and took up Affiliate Marketing full-time.

Let’s revise what I did to achieve my goals.

  1. I learned from a mentor
  2. I developed the crucial skills
  3. I worked every day
  4. I was kind to myself
  5. I started small

Now, I’m curious to know if:

You will start your Affiliate Marketing business and keep working.


You will start your Affiliate Marketing business and leave your job.

Either way, let me know in the comments box below.

As a bonus, I would love to give you my premium Affiliate Marketing course worth ₹4,999 for absolutely FREE!

Click the below button and enrol on the free course, now!

If this post helped you start your Affiliate Marketing business despite having a 9-5 job, please share it with others on Facebook or LinkedIn and help them!

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