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Let me ask you a question. Can you swim without water? I am 100% sure that all of you will say “No!” But what if I said yes there is a method through which you can swim without water? Will you believe me? (Let me know your answer in the comments box below this post)

However unrealistic swimming without water may seem, there are things that you can actually do without the main element. One of those things is affiliate marketing without a website.

Wait! What? Is it really possible?!

Yes, it is!

You can actually generate a sustainable income through affiliate marketing even if you do not have a website. If you are curious to find out the methods and techniques through which you can promote affiliate products and get commissions without the need for a website, please read on.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

  • Before we jump to the main topic, let me start by sharing what Affiliate Marketing is. In very simple words, Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting other people’s products and making commissions for every sale that we generate.
  • Let me explain better with the help of an example. Suppose a vendor sells t-shirts for ₹1,000/-. And let’s say they give a commission of 30% to each affiliate for every sale. Now, if you (an Affiliate Marketer) promote their product – the t-shirts – and generate sales, you will make 30% of ₹1,000/- = ₹300/- for each sale.
  • So, that’s a simplified explanation of the Affiliate Marketing model. If you wish to learn more about Affiliate Marketing, you can read this post.

8 Ways To Do Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

Traditionally, you would promote affiliate products on your website but if you do not have a website, you can utilize the power of the below platforms to promote your affiliate links:

(1) Facebook

  • Facebook is used by many Affiliate Marketers to promote their products. The method that I would recommend is to create a group on Facebook and share valuable content related to the products of your niche. (If you are not clear about your niche, you may read this post)
  • For example, if your niche is health and you are promoting products related to keto, you can post keto recipes in your group. If people like the post and get value from it, they will reach out to you through message or comment.
  • In the message or comment, you can tell that you went through a program that helped you and if they are interested, you can share your affiliate link.
  • Creating your own group will help build your own audience and you can constantly share posts a
  • Alternatively, you can join groups that already have a large number of members and share posts. Please join groups related to your niche only!
  • Your goal in either approach should be to provide value and help people. In the groups that you join, you can comment on people’s questions and/or share your knowledge and if you can solve their problems, they will reach out to you and you can share the affiliate link.
  • Warning: Please do not spam links! You can get banned from groups! Please provide value before sharing your link.

(2) Instagram

  • The second social media platform where you can promote your affiliate links is Instagram. Almost all the influencers on Instagram promote their affiliate products through the link in their ‘bio’.
  • The ideal approach to promoting products is to create posts that solve people’s problems and provide value.
  • You can get creative and post case studies of people who benefitted from the product either through reels, video story or a normal post.
  • Please note that people do not buy products, they buy solutions. So, if your product helps them, they will be ready to buy.
  • Secondly, you can find posts related to the products that you promote, comment on them, and if your comments provide valuable insights and information, people will “DM” you where you can tell them about the product, and share the link.
  • Again, do not spam links! This is not an ideal approach and I will suggest you refrain from sharing links everywhere.

(3) YouTube

  • YouTube is the third platform where you can promote affiliate products and make commissions.
  • Many (I guess all) of the most popular YouTubers promote affiliate products in their videos’ descriptions to maximize their revenue and you can follow the same strategy.
  • Create a video highlighting the benefits of a particular product and you can even demonstrate how the product works. After creating the video, place your affiliate link in the video’s description. With time, as your followers and viewers increase, you will start to see your income surging!
  • Your videos should solve people’s problems and they should get value from them. So, create videos with the intent of helping people.

(4) Instant Messaging Applications

  • Did you know WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, and many such Instant Messaging applications can be utilized for Affiliate Marketing?
  • Although your reach will be extremely limited, you can promote products in 1-on-1 chats, groups, and statuses (or stories).
  • My friend’s mom makes a living through WhatsApp. She posts her status highlighting people’s problems and invites them to a free training session (which starts at 6:30 AM).
  • In the free training, people are taught how they can overcome their problems, and case studies of those who had the same problems are shared.
  • After convincing people that they can get results, she promotes her products.
  • You can follow the same approach to maximize results. I would also like to add that this method takes time and if you are someone who wants instant results, this method is not for you.

(5) Online Forums and Communities

  • As per my knowledge and research, online forums and communities are great places to promote your affiliate links.
  • You can simply search for a forum related to your niche or affiliate product, register, and check out the guidelines regarding promoting affiliate products.
  • Once you find such forums, start posting regularly. Aim to provide value and if people find value in what you share, they will start trusting you and this will build your following.
  • In addition to posting regularly, you should also interact with people in the community, provide solutions to their problems, answer their questions.
  • Over time, you can start including affiliate links in your answers and solutions.

(6) Fast Traffic Sources – Solo Ads, Influencer Traffic, BuySellAds

(1) SoloAds

  • Solo Ads is a paid source of traffic and you can leverage it to reach a large audience in a short amount of time.
  • Now, I can sense mixed reactions
    1. Paid traffic! NO!
    2. “large audience in a short amount of time” Really?! Wow!
  • And in any case, you would be having this question – “How does it work?” To put in very simple words, Solo Ads is a network where you will find a long list of influencers with a huge email list.
  • When you go to Solo Ads, you can register, log in, and search for influencers of your niche. After you select an influencer, you will pay them a certain amount ($30 at least; may vary) for the number of subscribers who will receive the email blast.
  • After finalizing the number of subscribers you want to reach and paying money, you can set up a schedule when people will receive the email(s) with your offer.
  • And, in the final step, the influencer will send an email blast to the number of followers you selected (of your niche, obviously) and the interested people will purchase the product you are promoting.

(2) Influencer Traffic

  • Similar to SoloAds is the Influencer Traffic Source. The steps to promoting your affiliate product are the same. However, instead of email influencers, we are talking about social media influencers.
  • There is a long list of people on social with 50 thousand, 1 lakh, 2 lakh, 5 lakh, 10 lakh followers. You can select one influencer from your niche, select the amount and schedule and they will promote your affiliate link/product with their followers. People who are interested will end up buying your product.

(3) BuySellAds

  • BuySellAds is similar to Influencer Traffic but instead of social media influencers, you will select a website to place ads or your product.
  • For example, if your niche is health, you can find websites related to your niche from which you select one. After selecting the website, you choose the banner ad (create the banner ad first if you want to promote your affiliate link on BuySellAds), pay the amount, select the schedule, and your ad will be shown on the website.

With ‘fast traffic sources’, visitors may get sales for your affiliate product in as little as 24 hours. So, if you cannot wait for social media, Instant Messaging apps, and online forums to show their magic, “Fast Traffic Sources” are your go-to.

(7) Email Marketing

  • Now, Solo Ads brings me to the most important asset on the Internet – Email.
  • Even in the social media age, our good ol’ email stands out. Hey, social media folks, what is the first thing you need to create accounts? Tell me! Yes, yes, it is your email! (Take that! 😀 )
  • Email Marketing is responsible for generating up to 40x ROI, that’s like spending ₹1/- and making ₹41/-. (Yes, social media people? Can’t hear you! 😛 )
  • Every successful online entrepreneur knows the importance of adding people into their email lists and nurturing and educating them for maximizing profit.
  • Once you have people in your email list (even 1 subscriber is sufficient for a start), you can send emails educating them about your product and including the affiliate link from where they can buy.
  • I will say it again! Provide value and solve people’s problems before promoting your product.

If you want to learn how you can add people to your email lists, you can register for my free training by clicking the below button.

(8) Content Publishing Platforms

  • You can utilize the power of popular content publishing platforms like Medium to post your content and promote affiliate products.
  • You can sign up on Medium and start posting. It gets about 100 million readers per month and you can use its tools to monitor the engagement of users.
  • After sharing valuable information, you can place your affiliate link below the post. It is to be noted that when you place affiliate links in and/or below your content, you should mention to your readers that the links are affiliate links as it is a requirement for Medium.

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In this post, I walked you through the methods through which you can do Affiliate Marketing without needing a website.

If you are a beginner and you are wondering what Affiliate Marketing is, you may please read this post.

Basis my experience and research, you can promote affiliate links and make a commission using the following platforms:

  1. Facebook: You can create a group, share information, and when people reach out, share your affiliate link. Alternatively, you can join groups related to your niche, share posts, comment on people’s posts and share your link, when people reach out.
  2. Instagram: You can share information and educate people via Reels, Stories, and posts. Provide value and when people DM you for more information, you should tell them to click the link in your bio. Secondly, you can comment on people’s posts related to your product and if they find value from your answer, you can share the link.
  3. YouTube: Create videos highlighting the product’s benefits and you can also demonstrate the product for people to know its working. After creating the video, place the affiliate link(s) in the video’s description.
  4. Instant Messaging Applications: You can post a status on WhatsApp, or Telegram, or Viber and when people reach out, you can educate them and share your affiliate link. On the other hand, you can create a group and post valuable information and solve people’s problems. Towards the end of the post, you can place the affiliate link.
  5. Online Forums and Communities: There are forums online related to your niche which you can join and share valuable information. Before joining, please go through the forum’s guidelines and check if you can put affiliate links in your links. You should also interact with people, answer their questions, and solve their problems. The more you post and the more you interact with people, will build trust and authority.
  6. Fast Traffic Sources – SoloAds, Influencer Traffic, BuySellAds:
    1. Using SoloAds, you can select an influencer who will send an email blast to her/his huge email list. You will have to pay a certain amount for the number of people you want to reach.
    2. Influencer Traffic works in the same way, but instead of email influencers, you step into the world of social media influencers, pay them a certain amount, set a schedule, and they will promote your product to their followers.
    3. BuySellAds work in the same way, but instead of social media influencers, you select a website where you want to display your banner ad. Create your banner ad first, then select a website of your niche, pay the amount, select the schedule and your ad will be displayed on it.
  7. Email Marketing: Email Marketing is going to be your biggest asset on the Internet. It gives a Return on Investment of up to 40x which is like spending ₹1/- and making ₹41/-. You should educate your audience, provide them value, and then promote your affiliate product.
  8. Content Publishing Platforms: You can also promote your affiliate products on platforms like Medium. Medium has a reader base of 100 million per month. You can register, post content and share your affiliate link. It is to be noted that you should mention to your readers that the links are affiliate links as it is a requirement for this platform.

If this post helped you with valuable lessons, please share it with those who might need it.

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