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Affiliate Marketing is a lonely journey and finding motivation when no one cheers for you is tough. I know many will agree with me!

When you are a beginner, it will take time to create content, market content, generate leads, and sell.

I still remember when I first started Affiliate Marketing. It was tough for me to write even a 1000-word blog. I had no idea how to promote my content and how to generate leads.

Although I was not great at the beginning, I dragged myself hoping my website visitors would magically convert. I saw no results for nine months! In those nine months, the thought of quitting ran around my brain almost everyday. Why shouldn’t it? I had a highly-rewarding job.

Getting no results made me depressed and I was “abusing” myself to get out of bed and work!

Truth be told, finding motivation is extremely difficult! But I continued anyway! Gradually – after 9-10 months – I started seeing some results, no matter how tiny.

Those tiny results boosted my confidence and my motivation! So to help Affiliate Marketers like me, who are struggling to carry on, I will share the 5 top motivational boosters that helped me.

What Is Motivation, By The Way?

The Cambridge Dictionary defines motivation as, “enthusiasm for doing something.”

In my experience, motivation can be boosted by the following:

  • How badly do you want to achieve your goal?
  • What is your end goal?
  • What are you going to achieve?
  • Why do you want to achieve your goal?

Why Do You Struggle To Find Motivation?

Many Affiliate Marketers, especially those who do not get results, find it challenging to stay motivated.

Another reason you hate getting up every day is mental health issues like depression, anxiety, panic attacks, etc.

Quick Tips To Find  Motivation

  • Break the goal down into small steps and complete every step every day.
  • Work in chunks of 25 minutes with a 5-minute break. Follow the Pomodoro principle.
  • Positive self-talk:
    • When you face an obstacle, say, “I don’t know it YET”, instead of, “I don’t know it!”
    • Instead of saying, “I cannot do it!”, you should say, “I cannot do it YET, BUT I WILL FIGURE IT OUT!”
  • Reward yourself when you achieve your daily goals. You could watch that new web series or you could eat your favourite snack.
  • Track your progress: When you achieve the mini-goals, strike them out. The more strikes you see, the better you will feel about yourself.

Boosters That Helped Me Find Motivation

Now, I will share the top 5 YouTube videos and podcasts that helped me boost motivation when I felt the world is falling apart.

These videos and podcasts helped me gather myself up and filled me with positivity and unparalleled energy.

(1) Steve Harvey: What Is Your Purpose In Life?

In this YouTube video, Mr. Steve Harvey says that instead of trying to become something you are not good at, focus on the thing(s) you are gifted at!

It could be as fun as babysitting or as intricate as making pie. Whatever you are good at, focus on that thing and it could help you make millions.

Mr. Steve Harvey shares a simple example of frying chicken. The KFCs and the Popeyes of the world are great at only one thing – frying chicken. So if you are good at solving grade 2 Mathematics problems, it could be your life’s purpose.

Watch the below video for the entire dose of motivation: 

(2) Sandeep Maheshwari: #1 Secret to Stay Motivated All The Time

In this motivational speech in Hindi, Sandeep Maheshwari Ji says that people who achieve great things in life do so due to hard work, not intelligence.

Sandeep Ji also covers the concept called, “Locus Of Control.” A study was conducted at Columbia University in 1998. In this study, Professor Claudia M. Mueller gave the 5th graders some puzzles to solve, some easy and some challenging.

The students solved each puzzle one-by-one and, upon completion, the professor said to every student the same thing, “You did a phenomenal job!”

To half the students she said, “You did a phenomenal job because you are intelligent.” And to the other half, she said, “You did a phenomenal job because you are hardworking.”

Now, the students were again given some easy and some challenging puzzles. In this case, something interesting came out. The students who were said, “You did a phenomenal job because you are intelligent”, only attempted the easy puzzles. Besides, they were bored after sometime.

On the other hand, the students who were said, “You did a phenomenal job because you are hardworking”, not only attempted and solved the easy puzzles, but also attempted and solved the challenging ones.

This study concluded that students who were called hardworking had the locus of control within them. That is, the amount of hard work they could put was in their hands, as opposed to intelligence which was dependent on external factors.

Here’s the video to the entire speech:

Here’s the video that explains the “Locus Rule” in English:

(3) Gaur Gopal Das: Secret Of Staying Motivated

Gaur Gopal Das Ji in this hilarious yet motivational video shares that his motivation comes from the education imparted by his gurus and teachers.

He gives the microphone analogy to explain his idea. He says that a microphone simply amplifies the voice of the speaker. He adds that when he is not on stage, he spends time in the monastery learning from other monks, gurus, and teachers.

In a nutshell, he attributes his success to his mentors and gurus.

You can watch the entire video here:

I will add that having a mentor has made my life easier. A mentor is someone who is there where you want to be. So when you learn from someone who has already achieved what you want to achieve, your journey becomes shorter and you reach the destination faster.

(4) Andrew Tate: How To Find Motivation In Life?

During an interview, Andrew Tate says that his biggest motivation is that he does not want to be a loser and always wanted and deserved to be rich.

He says that when he looks at rappers and their interviews, he realises how low their IQ is. He feels that if such people are rich, he, too, deserves to be rich.

When I was watching his interview, I was pushed by invisible energy to do more. Andrew Tate’s interview filled me with the kick to go work hard.

I want you to feel the same push. So here’s his interview:

(5) Bright Side: A Simple Exercise Will Reboot Your Brain In 30 Seconds

Whenever we are low on motivation, we feel overwhelmed and everything seems daunting!

In this video by Bright Side, you will learn a simple 30-second exercise that reboots your brain. Bright Side says that when you feel tired and do not know why that’s the tie your brain needs a reboot.

The exercise that Bright Side recommends this exercise than will give you an energy jolt, just by using your fingers!

This exercise helps me reboot my system when I feel overwhelmed and fatigued. You can recharge yourself by watching the video here.

If this post filled you with high motivation, please share it with others and help them!

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