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Today, I will walk you through the top 4 questions that you must answer to craft an irresistible offer to generate more leads, sales, and commissions.

How did answering these 4 questions help me?

I was able to speak the language of my target customers and, as a result, generate more leads and course sales.

And, in this post, I will share exactly how you should answer these 4 questions, in simple words.

What was the impact after I had clarity on these 4 questions?

Before I came across these 4 questions, I was struggling to attract visitors and convert them into leads and paying customers.

However, after I answered these 4 questions:

  • I understood clearly what my target customers wanted
  • I was able to generate more leads and sales

Now, it’s time to see the questions that your target customers have and how you can answer them.

The Top 4 Consumer Questions That You Must Answer For Maximum Conversions

Before, I used to promote my affiliate products the traditional way:

  • Selecting the product
  • Finding information about the product
  • Creating content that provides value
  • Promoting it to my audience

Although my approach was ideal, I could not generate the expected leads and sales.

I began to question what I was doing and that’s when I read the book, “The Irresistible Offer: How to Sell Your Product or Service in 3 Seconds or Less” by Mark Joyner.

After reading the book, I realised that your target audience only has the following 4 questions before clicking “Buy Now” and purchasing your affiliate product:

Question 1: “What Are You Trying To Sell Me?”

Question 1 - What Are You Trying To Sell Me

Through this question, your target customer wants to know what your affiliate product is, its features, benefits, and drawbacks.

To answer this question, you can create content in one or more of the following formats:

  • Product Review
  • How-To Guide
  • Listicle
  • Checklist
  • Product Demonstration

Try to share everything about the product, so the potential customers know what they are going to get.

To learn more about the type of content that sells, you can read this post.

Question 2: “For How Much?”

Question 2 - For How Much

By this question, your buyer is enquiring about the price of the product you are promoting or selling.

Basically, your potential customers want to know if they can afford to pay for the product and if it is reasonable.

This question is extremely crucial because if your potential customers feel that the price does not justify the product, they will not buy – even if it’s the best product!

A drawback of not having a good offer is that you will not generate quality sales and even if you do generate sales, the number will be a handful.

A Super Affiliate is great at crafting an irresistible offer and they will fascinate the customers again, and again, and again until they have successfully sold the product. This is how they generate hundreds of sales and millions in revenue.

However, after presenting the product and its price, two more questions are left to be answered.

Question 3: “Why Should I Believe You?”

Question 3 - Why Should I Believe You

Seriously tell me, why should people believe you? There are hundreds of Affiliate Marketers promoting the same product, so, what is the reason for people to believe and trust you?

What differentiates you from other Affiliates?

Even if you are a beginner, you’d have to make people believe you and your offer. And, how do you do it?

Through your content and who you are as a person!

My mentor once said, “The deeper you work on yourself, the larger your impact will be!”

So, what do you stand for? Are you into Affiliate Marketing only to make money or to genuinely help people?

Secondly, are you sure that the product you are promoting works? Your potential customers have to trust that they are not buying “Poma” instead of “Puma”. Your product should be credible enough to make people buy.

I will also add that if you promote a mediocre product, you will only attract mediocre customers. Therefore, if you want to attract quality customers, promote a product that helps them achieve their goals.

Question 4: “What Is In It For Me?”

Question 4 - What Is In It For Me

Hold on! Didn’t we just answer, “What are you trying to sell me?” Isn’t this covered?

Well, not really!

When your potential customers ask, “What is in it for me?”, they are wanting to know how the product will help or benefit them.

In my experience, people do not buy products, they buy solutions and better versions of themselves.

If you’d like to know what triggers make people buy, you can listen to this podcast episode.

People buy the iPhone because it makes them feel wealthy and worthy. And, that’s what it is, the prestige of owning an iPhone!

People buy health-related products to have a healthy body, a better immune system, and a better quality of life.

The best Affiliate Marketers spend the most amount of time answering this question!

But why?

The reason is quite apparent! If there is nothing in the product for your potential customers, why would they waste time reading your blog posts or watching your videos?

Many beginners make the mistake of listing only the product features, completely ignoring the benefits. Super Affiliates, on the other hand, include how their audience will be benefitted from the product and that, usually, results in higher leads, conversions, and commissions.

So, shall I only include the question, “What Is In It For Me?”

Well, if you focus on answering only the fourth question, you will seem ‘salesy’ and sleazy.

Although the fourth question is the most crucial one, you should always include the answers to the remaining three questions, as well.

Do I have to answer the 4 questions for premium products only?

Although the above 4 questions are supposed to be answered in the case of paid products, you can also include them for promoting free offers.


Because you will have to make sure that the free product is worth people’s time and has the potential to help them.


I hope this post provided clarity on how you can craft an irresistible offer for your target customers to generate more leads, sales, and commissions.

Now, I’d love to know which is the most difficult question to answer, according to you.

Is the first question: “What Are You Trying To Sell Me?”


The fourth one: “What Is In It For Me?”

Either way, let me know in the comments box below.

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