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Did you know that your favourite influencer can promote your affiliate products?

A big problem that Affiliate Marketers face is that they choose an influencer with a million followers.

Although followers are crucial, it’s not just about their follower count or social media presence.

It’s about finding influencers who truly align with your brand and resonate with your target audience.

So, in today’s post, I will tell you what influencer marketing is. I will also share the 8 factors you should consider while choosing the best influencer for your promotion.

Problem With Google

Problem With Google

Generating traffic to your affiliate product, affiliate link, or website from Google is difficult when it changes its search algorithm about 500 to 600 times a year.

It is all the more taxing due to the emergence of new brands in the market every day, thereby rising competition for a spot on the first page of the Search Engine Results Page.

That is where popular influencers come to your rescue! Thanks to influencer marketing platforms like Shoutcart, you can now request traffic from social media influencers.

So, we have created this guide to help you request traffic from social media influencers in a stepwise manner after hours of research in our lab.

Why Social Media?

Why Social Media
Credits: Dribbble Vector Created by Starline

Social media is a powerful medium for traffic generation as it has a user base of 4.7 billion global users.

If utilised right, it can be an efficient and affordable medium to drive traffic to your affiliate website, links, or products.

About 90% of online marketers reported that social media generated a large amount of traffic and spread awareness to their platforms at little to no cost!

Social media is now a significant part of marketing and traffic generation and it is so powerful that any Affiliate Marketer not utilising this cost-efficient medium is missing out on a great marketing opportunity.

Facebook, in particular, is the preferred choice of Affiliate Marketers for driving organic and paid traffic, because:

  • More than 700 million users visit Facebook on their mobile phones every day.
  • During the second quarter of 2014, users bought virtual products worth over 234 million dollars on Facebook.

Talking about Facebook ads, if you provide quality content, your ad clicks will increase by 70% year over year, and CTR (Click-Through Rate) will increase by a staggering 160%.

How Does Influencer Marketing Help?

How Does Influencer Marketing Help

Now that you are pumped up regarding the potential of social media, let me tell you a bit about how influencer marketing helps you.

If you are using Facebook and Instagram, you would know that there are people/influencers who have 1 lakh followers, 2 lakh followers, 10 lakh followers, and 15 lakh followers, right?

We simply have to leverage their followers to generate traffic to our affiliate website, links, or products.

Suppose, you pay an influencer $40 and they send 1,000 visitors to your website. If you have set up a funnel, the visitors will visit the landing page where they will enter their emails.

Let’s say, of the 1,000 people who visited your website, only 300 fill out the form and go to the next step. So, for $40, you have 300 leads.

In this case, the Cost Per Lead will be 40 / 300 which is $0.13.

The other part of the story is the 700 people who bounced off. You can retarget them and get them into your system, okay?

Now, of the 300 people who submitted the form, let’s say 5% purchase your product or course.
If the price of your product or course is ₹5,000, you would make:

(5% x 300) x 5000

= 15 x 5000

= ₹75,000

So, by spending only $40 (or ₹3,278.08), you will make ₹75,000 which is about 22x ROI.

In this case, your Cost Per Acquisition will be:

₹3,278.08 / 15

= ₹218.54

In other words, for acquiring one customer, you paid ₹218.54.

You see how cost-effective this method is, isn’t it?

How To Generate Traffic From Influencer Marketing Platforms?

With influencer marketing, you will be approaching influencers on social media and they will post your content on their specific Instagram page so that their followers will see your content.

To utilise influencer marketing, you will have to pay at least $20 or $30 to the influencer you chose.

You can follow the below steps to request traffic from influencers. We will use Shoutcart for this guide, okay?

Step 1: Go to Shoutcart.

Step 1

Step 2: Click Register For Free.

Step 2

Step 3: When you click Register for Free, a popup will appear on the page. On the popup, select I’m a Buyer and click Continue.

Step 3

Step 4: On the registration form, enter the following information:

Step 4
  • Username
  • Email
  • Password
  • Confirm Password
  • Choose timezone
  • Brand Name
  • Brand Website: If you do not have a website, you could enter your Facebook page link or YouTube channel link.
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone number

After entering the credentials, check the captcha and click I Agree to Terms of Service.

Step 5: After completing the registration process, log in to your ShoutCart account, or you may click this link.

Step 6: When you log in, you will see a dashboard like below:

Step 6

Step 7: At the top of the dashboard, click Influencers.

Step 7

Step 8: After clicking Influencers, search for the influencer of your choice.

You may select an influencer in a few methods:

(1) Filter by platform: You may filter influencers by platform – Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook – to see the influencers only for that particular platform.

Step 8.1

(2) Filter by category: You can also filter influencers by categories or niches, such as:

Step 8.2
  • Humour & Memes
  • Fashion & Style 
  • Fitness 
  • Quotes & Texts 
  • Luxury & Motivation 
  • Cars 
  • Motorcycles
  • Nature 
  • Food & Nutrition 
  • Animals 
  • Models 
  • Ambassadors & Influencers 
  • Music & Singers 
  • Art 
  • Technology 
  • Gaming 
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Architecture & Interior 
  • Fan Accounts 
  • Celebrity 
  • Makeup 
  • Hair 
  • Nails 
  • Sports 
  • Love & Romance 
  • Travel 
  • Dogs 
  • Cats 
  • Crypto & NFT

(3) Filter by demographics: You can also find influencers by country, age, and gender.

Step 8.3

Step 9: Once you find the influencer of your choice, select the pricing option and click Add <<influencer>> to Cart.

Step 9

Step 10: Once you have added the influencer to the cart, click the cart icon on the top-right of your screen.

Step 10

Step 11: Once the cart appears, click Continue to Payment.

Step 11

Step 12: In the next step:

Step 12
  • Enter the post caption
  • Enter your landing page link or affiliate link
  • Upload the post/banner
  • Select the schedule
  • Pay the amount

Step 13: When you successfully pay the amount, your traffic generation request will be processed and you will get visitors on the schedule you chose.

Benefits Of Influencer Marketing

(1) Social Media Helps Spread Brand Awareness

Benefit 1 - Social Media Helps Spread Brand Awareness

Social media is one of the most powerful marketing mediums used by successful Affiliate Marketers to help spread awareness about your brand to a large audience.

A simple strategy to get more eyeballs is to start interacting with other Affiliate Marketers’ content.

Like and comment on their posts, and you will notice that simply engaging with other Affiliate Marketers’ content will get people to visit your profile or page, look at your content, and engage with it.

Each post that you share will reach a large audience and some of them could end up becoming your paid customers.

More than 91% of online marketers said that their effort on social media platforms increased their reach. As per my experience, I will agree that through a social media page or profile, your brand will reach a wider audience and more people will start to know you.

(2) Better Conversion Rate

Benefit 2 - Better Conversion Rate

As you reach a wider audience, your brand will be visible to more people and you could have better chances of getting conversions.

Every post on your social media platforms could generate more visitors to your affiliate website.

Social media’s biggest benefit is that it will give your business a human touch. When you interact with your audience, solve their problems, and provide value, they associate with you on a deeper level.

Look, people like to work with people, rather can companies.

As per research, more than 51% of Affiliate Marketers said that by spending a major chunk of their time developing relationships with their audience, they saw a positive rise in sales.

As per studies, Affiliate Marketers have reported a 2x lead-to-sales ratio than any other marketing strategy.

Another study reported that 66% of online marketers saw more leads from social media by spending only 6 hours a week.

Therefore, when you put your brand in front of people who like liking, commenting, sharing, and following, you could increase your traffic and, consequently, conversions.

(3) Better Customer Experience

Benefit 3 - Better Customer Experience

Social media helps you create a human touch for your Affiliate Marketing business. When customers comment on your posts, they know they will receive responses directly from a human, rather than a “noreply” automated email.

When you respond to each comment, your audience gets a feeling of being heard and attentive to their needs, resulting in a better customer experience and trust.

Every customer who comments on your posts presents you with an opportunity to show compassion to them. Whether they ask a question or have a complaint, social media will enable you to address and answer their queries in a one-to-one personal-like interaction.

As per my experience, an Affiliate Marketer who helps people and solves their problems, develops trust and a positive image, even by responding to complaints.

(4) Builds Brand Authority

Benefit 4 - Builds Brand Authority

When your target audience notices that you respond to each and every comment, question, and complaint, they start to like you and this builds your authority.

As I said earlier when you interact with your audience, they feel understood and it shows that you care about customer experience.

A satisfied customer then spreads the word about your exceptional service.

When customers mention you and/or your brand, you get free exposure to a wider audience, generating more traffic.

Additionally, posting well-researched and well-crafted content on your social media profile or page is a wonderful way to establish authority in your field.

You should ensure that you interact with your audience, like, share, and comment on their posts, and they will reciprocate!

When you interact directly with your target audience, you will create a bond they will cherish and stick with you for a long time.

(5) Builds Brand Loyalty

Benefit 5 - Builds Brand Loyalty

The primary goal of every Affiliate Marketer is to build a loyal customer base. Since customer satisfaction and brand loyalty go hand in hand, it becomes important to interact with your audience and develop a strong relationship.

Social media is not just about promoting your brand, its products, and its services. It provides you with an opportunity to interact with your audience and understand their pain points and challenges.

If you respond to each and every question, doubt, and query, you will make people like you and they will stick with you knowing that their solutions are only a message or comment away. This results in more customer loyalty and they stick with you for a long time.

(6) In-Depth Analytics

Benefit 6 - In-Depth Analytics

A striking advantage of social media is in-depth user information or analytics data. When your audience visits your social media profile or page, the social media platform monitors their activities and generates a detailed set of insights.

For example, you can ascertain your audience’s interests, demographics, etc. When you have this crucial data, you can better tailor your content to the needs of your audience.

How To Choose An Influencer To Promote Your Affiliate Products?

Now, I will share 8 factors you should consider to choose the best influencer for your promotion.

Factor 1: Audience Alignment

Factor 1 - Audience Alignment

Picture this: you’ve just launched a new product, and you want to create a buzz around it.

You decide to collaborate with an influencer, but here’s the problem: their audience doesn’t really care about your industry or product.

Your message falls on deaf ears, and the collaboration doesn’t generate the expected results.

Frustrating, right?

So, the first solution is audience alignment. When choosing influencers, it’s crucial to ensure that their followers are the right fit for your brand.

Take the time to understand the demographics, interests, and values of the influencer’s audience.

Find influencers whose followers would genuinely be interested in what you have to offer.

This way, your collaboration will reach the right people who are more likely to engage with your brand.

Factor 2: Engagement & Reach

Factor 2 - Engagement and Reach

Now, let’s address another common problem. You’ve partnered with an influencer with a massive following, thinking it would guarantee success.

But here’s the catch: their engagement is abysmal. Your content gets lost in the noise, and the collaboration doesn’t deliver the desired impact.

So, how do you avoid this situation?

The answer is engagement and reach. Look for influencers with an engaged audience.

Likes, comments, and shares are signs of an active community that interacts with their content.

But don’t forget about Reach either.

A large audience size can give your brand exposure to new potential customers. A combination of both engagement and reach ensures that your collaboration has the potential to make a real impact.

Factor 3: Authenticity & Credibility

Factor 3 - Authenticity and Credibility

Now, let’s talk about authenticity and credibility. We’ve all seen influencers promoting products they don’t genuinely care about.

It feels forced and insincere. That’s why finding influencers who authentically align with your industry or product is vital.

When an influencer is genuinely passionate about what they promote, it shines through in their content.

Their audience can sense that authenticity, making your collaboration more effective. Look for influencers who have built credibility and a solid reputation within their niche.

Their expertise and trustworthiness will enhance the impact of your collaboration.

Factor 4: Content Quality

Factor 4 - Content Quality

Content quality plays a significant role in influencer marketing. You want your brand to be associated with high-quality content that grabs attention and resonates with the audience.

Take a close look at the influencer’s content.

Does it align with your brand’s style and values?

Consider the visual appeal, storytelling ability, and overall production value.

High-quality content will elevate your brand and help deliver your message effectively.

Factor 5: Brand Suitability

Factor 5 - Brand Suitability

Now, let’s address the problem of brand mismatch. Imagine partnering with an influencer whose personal brand doesn’t align with your brand values.

It creates confusion and dilutes your message.

So, what’s the solution?

The answer lies in finding influencers whose personal brand aligns with your brand. Look for influencers who have worked with similar brands or industries before.

A strong brand suitability will make the collaboration feel more natural and seamless to their audience, increasing the effectiveness of your partnership.

Factor 6: Reliability & Professionalism

Factor 6 - Reliability and Professionalism

As we explore the world of influencer collaborations, it’s important to address reliability and professionalism.

You want to work with influencers who are responsive, meet deadlines, and communicate effectively.

A professional approach ensures that your collaboration runs smoothly and builds a positive working relationship.

Factor 7: Budget

Factor 7 - Budget

Budget is another factor to consider. While we all wish we had unlimited resources, the reality is that we have to make wise financial decisions.

Consider the cost of collaboration and whether it aligns with your budget.

Remember, it’s not just about the influencer’s fees but also the potential return on investment.

Assess the value your collaboration can bring to your marketing goals.

Factor 8: Long-Term Potential

Factor 8 - Long-Term Potential

Finally, let’s touch on the solution to the short-term mindset. While one-off influencer collaborations can generate immediate results, building long-term relationships with influencers can bring even greater benefits.

Ongoing partnerships with influencers foster brand loyalty and consistency in reaching their audience.

Consider the potential for a long-term collaboration and the mutual benefits it can bring. Investing in relationships pays off in the long run.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions About Influencer Marketing

Q. 1. Is influencer marketing Affiliate Marketing?

Ans: No, influencer marketing and Affiliate Marketing are different. You can learn about Affiliate Marketing here.

Q. 2. Can an influencer be an affiliate?

Ans: Yes, an influencer can be an Affiliate Marketer.

Q. 3. How do I start Affiliate Marketing with influencers?

Ans: You can watch the below video to start Affiliate Marketing with influencers.

Q. 4. How do I find Instagram influencers for Affiliate Marketing?

Ans: You can watch the below video to find Instagram influencers for Affiliate Marketing.

Q. 5. How to create affiliate links for influencers?

Ans: You will learn to create affiliate links for influencers in a stepwise manner in the below video.

Q. 6. Which are affiliate programs for small influencers?

Ans: You will find a list of the most popular affiliate programs here.

Q. 7. Is there an influencer marketing course?

Ans: You will learn about influencer marketing in the below video.


So, that is how you can promote your affiliate products through influencer marketing.

You can set up your promotional campaign by following the steps illustrated in the below video:

But before choosing an influencer for promoting your affiliate products, you must consider these 8 factors:

Factor 1: Audience Alignment

Factor 2: Engagement & Reach

Factor 3: Authenticity & Credibility

Factor 4: Content Quality

Factor 5: Brand Suitability

Factor 6: Reliability & Professionalism

Factor 7: Budget

Factor 8: Long-Term Potential

Affiliate Marketing takes time and if you really want to become an Affiliate Marketer, I would love to invite you to my elite community for Affiliate Marketers!

Usually, the cost of the membership is ₹4,999 but only for you, I am giving it away for FREE!

If this guide helped you generate traffic from social media influencers, please share it with others and help them!

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