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In this post, I will share the priorities for the growth of your Affiliate Marketing business.

The biggest challenge that Affiliate Marketers face is not the lack of traffic, it is information overload. Go to Google and type “Affiliate Marketing”. You will get billions of results in a matter of milliseconds.

There is so much information about Affiliate Marketing that beginners get overwhelmed.

I am an Affiliate Marketer since 2018 and after learning from the best, I have realised that there are 5 most important priorities for Affiliate Marketers.

Let’s see them one by one.

Priority 1: Acquiring New Customers

Priority 1 - Acquiring New Customers

According to me, customers are the soul of Affiliate Marketing. If you do not get customers, how will you earn commissions?

As my mentor says, “If you do not bring new customers, you do not have a business.”

So spend half of your time acquiring or bringing new customers.

How can you attract new customers?

By creating quality content, generating constant traffic, generating leads, selling your affiliate products, and converting them into paying customers.

So you should spend 50% of your time should go to acquiring customers.

Priority 2: Farming Not Hunting

Priority 2 - Farming Not Hunting

The second priority for you should be to nurture your leads and existing customers. Share information, resources, reports, etc. that educates your audience.

I have observed that when you educate your customers and tell them everything about a product or a service – pros and cons, set-up, refund policy, discounts, etc. – they are likely to buy.

If you have existing customers, by providing more value, solving their problems, and helping them overcome their challenges, they are likely to buy your higher-level products and stick with you for longer.

How can you nurture your leads and existing customers?

To nurture your leads and existing customers, you can send a daily or weekly newsletter with valuable information, you can conduct a weekly group coaching call, send helpful resources in your WhatsApp or Facebook group, or conduct a monthly workshop.

When your audience sees that you care for them, they will feel special and in their minds, they will say, “This person really cares for me.”

The point is: People don’t care how much you know until they see how much you care!

So when you show up for them regularly, they stick with you for longer, you establish long-term relationships, and it impacts your commissions or conversions.

I call this “Farming” because you are not chasing people. When they enter your email list or community, you cultivate a seed of knowledge, equip them with the necessary information, and provide immense value.

And I have observed that when people get value, they stay!

So for farming, spend 10% of your time.

Priority 3: Sharing Valuable Content Every Day

Priority 3 - Sharing Valuable Content Every Day

My mentor suggests spending 20% of your time on content creation and marketing.

You can create content in the form of:

What has worked for me is that I create short-form content – Instagram Posts, Stories, and Reels, Podcasts, etc. – and place the link to long-form content – blog posts, webinars, and YouTube videos.

So when people click the link in, let’s say, my Instagram story, they land on my blog post. Within the blog post, I have a form to join my email list or to enrol on my free Affiliate Mastery Foundation membership.

In a nutshell, every social media post brings people to my long-form content. The long-form content sends people to my email list and/or community.

If you sell through webinars, you can conduct 2 webinars every week.

I spend 20% of my time creating high-quality content every day.

Priority 4: Oiling Your Virtual Machines

Priority 4 - Oiling Your Virtual Machines

The fourth priority for you should be, as I say it, “Oiling your virtual systems”. In simple words, your fourth priority is to manage the systems that run your Affiliate Marketing business.

If you’d like to know the most crucial tools and systems for your Affiliate Marketing business, you’d find this post helpful!

By managing your systems, I mean, checking if your email marketing campaigns are working as intended.

You can also check if your tracking systems are tracking data correctly.

If you are running ads, you can figure out ways to reduce your Cost Per Click, Cost Per Lead, Cost Per Acquisition, etc.

You can monitor how your recorded webinars are performing and how you can improve the performance.

You should also analyse if your website is loading quickly and the visitors have a seamless experience.

I usually spend 10% of my time monitoring the crucial systems and tools of my business.

Priority 5: Analysing Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Priority 5 - Analysing Your Affiliate Marketing Business

The fifth priority is to analyse your Affiliate Marketing business.

In this step, analyse:

  • The major traffic sources of your website.
  • The new and returning visitors to your website.
  • The demographics of your website visitors.
  • The campaign that drives the most sales and commissions.
  • The number of leads you are generating every day, every week, and every month.
  • The number of conversions or sales you generate.
  • The commissions you earn.

I analyse my Affiliate Marketing business once every week. I check all the points I listed above, go through the numbers, plan for the next week, think about the ads strategy, etc.


So those were the top 5 priorities for Affiliate Marketers to grow their business.

Let’s see them one by one.

  1. Acquiring New Customers
  2. Farming Not Hunting
  3. Sharing Valuable Content Every Day
  4. Oiling Your Virtual Machines
  5. Analysing Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Now, I’m curious to know which activity you didn’t have in your priority list.

Is it acquiring new customers?


Oiling your virtual machines?

Either way, let me know in the comments box below.

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